I am a dedicated Illustration artist with a passion for character design and conceptual art. Growing up as a non-traditional learner, I was naturally drawn to things that were more visually stimulating to me and began studying art from a young age.

I have a love and a deep fascination with strange and occult subjects and often use it as inspiration for my artwork. In my spare time I enjoy practicing meditation and tarot reading, and I often work with crystals and plants in my spiritual practices. All of this helps me to foster new creative ideas and to push my art even deeper into the realms of the undiscovered world. 

As an artist, I work to bring images of that undiscovered world to light by creating places, creatures and characters that are both frightening and beautiful. I hope that my creations of the unknown serve to inspire and motivate others to pursue their passions and to know that all that they hope to achieve is only limited by how much they truly want it. 

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